• If you or a family member has symptoms or are positive for COVID-19, please call to reschedule your appointment to a later date.

  • No in-salon communications. We will discuss your dog’s haircut over the phone/through the door prior to or after drop-off.

  • Leashes, collars, and flea collars must be taken off and we will be using one of our leads. Please remember to bring your dog’s leash back at pick-up.

  • Clients with multiple pets either need an appointment with two different groomers at the same time, or if they are back to back drop off will be at each dog's appointment time. Unfortunately with dogs needing to go right into the tub we can no longer accommodate same time drop off for different appointment times.

  • We will no longer be accepting cash as payment. Payment can be made online (securely through your confirmation or reminder email), on the phone, or in person at our register. Checks will only be accepted if you do not have a credit or debit card.

  • Instead of appointment cards, you will be emailed a confirmation. Please make sure we have a current email on file so you don’t miss your next appointment.

  • We will be requiring masks while in the salon.

  • Please follow the 6ft distance rule.

  • We will be locking our door, so please ring the video doorbell when you arrive! If you prefer to call us just from the parking lot remember if we are on the phone or it goes to voicemail that we aren't checking messages until the end of the day. 

  • If you feel uncomfortable handing your dog off to another groomer, we will be installing two gates in the hall as a “holding area” that you can put your dog in for us. This should be available sometime between May 4-10

  • We will NOT be allowing anyone past our lobby or allowing anyone to wait in the lobby. Please spend as little time as possible in the lobby.

  • Only one person is allowed to drop off. If you have children, please park at the curb in front of the salon or we will meet you at the door.

  • We will be enforcing a 24 hour cancelation policy, subject to pre-payment of a new appointment before it is booked. This will be waived if you are sick with COVID-19 symptoms. Those who cancel within an hour of the appointment time or no show will be responsible for 50% of the groom fee before booking a new appointment.


111 Ossipee Trail East, Standish

(207) 572-4084